Construction Site Break-in Caught on Camera

February 08, 2024

Late one night, a BIL live monitoring technician spotted 2 individuals inside the compound. They used the on site speaker to tell them to leave immediately and notified the RCMP. They break into the site office trailer shortly before the officer arrives and escorts them to his vehicle.

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Thief Breaks Through Door Using Truck

February 04, 2022

Two thieves use their vehicles to pull down a glass door and steal what is inside. Everything was being caught by BIL on camera. Our technicians notified police immediately, but sadly they were able to escape before police arrived. We caught the license plate of the vehicles and we're currently working with police to identify a suspect.

If you enjoy watching people get busted on security cameras, consider subscribing to BIL Security!

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Thief Stopped by BIL Security Guards

January 28, 2022

On a cold fall night, we spotted a man checking doors on cars in a parking lot. We followed him with our cameras and notified police and BIL Security Guards. The man then broke windows on two different trucks and managed to open both hoods. BIL and Police arrived at the same time arresting the suspect before he could do any more damage.

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Man Arrested Stealing Catalytic Converters

January 26, 2022

Late at night, our cameras caught a man entering the premises, looking in car windows and snooping beneath with what appears to be a tool. BIL live monitoring staff immediately notified Police who appeared onsite to apprehend the intruder, who was revealed to have been stealing catalytic converters from the vehicles. This is what happens when you enter BIL protected property.

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Guard Services

October 25, 2021

Our Security Guards are equipped with everything they need to protect your property to the highest level. They also work in tandem with our industry leading live monitoring system to provide you an unparalleled security service.

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Video Monitoring Solution

At only a fraction of the cost of a live guard, our trained security professionals can safeguard your location.

IP Camera Leading Technology

The BIL monitoring centre uses the latest in IP video analytics to make our cameras smarter.

Surveillance Camera Solutions

We use cameras that provide excellent value and have been tested in the harshest climates.

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