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video monitoring

Our professional guards will protect your property remotely and stop crime before it happens.

BIL Security has spent years perfecting remote video monitoring using the latest IP technology. Unlike many so-called remote video alarm solutions, BIL uses actual live streaming video and moving cameras to track criminals and provide authorities with real-time updates as they approach the site.

Video monitoring is more cost effective than using traditional guards.

At only a fraction of the cost of a live guard on site, our highly trained security professionals can safeguard your location at a distance. With many pairs of eyes on the job at once you increase the odds of identifying nefarious activity before any serious damage is done. All you require is a high-speed connection like DSL or cable and a BIL-approved security camera system.

Remote PA Systems

We have initiated dozens of arrests thanks to our video monitoring service. However, we realize the importance of a convincing deterrent over an arrest. To save you the expense of repairing damaged fences and vandalized property that may be perpetrated before police arrive, we use remote PA systems to let intruders know they’re being watched.

Third Party Monitoring

BIL Security offers remote monitoring services for security companies who have already installed cameras for their customers. We can provide this service for you at a monthly rate that is significantly less than an on-site guard and far more effective.

Contact BIL to find out more about our Dealer program.